About Us

Through high fees and inadequate performance, the mutual fund industry has historically benefited insiders more than their clients. Out of this frustration, Pillow Investment Partner was founded with a unique set of values.

Our core belief is to do well by doing good. In this spirit, our fee structure has been designed to align your interests with ours and to leave most of your profits to you. Our investment process has been proven to generate robust long term performance. In short, we see our clients as partners with a mutual goal to grow together.

As visible minorities themselves, Sara and Alpha founded Pillow Investment Partner as a vehicle to offer access to investment excellence to all investors, including minorities, as well as institutions who share their beliefs. What are those beliefs? At a personal level, our culture is grounded in the values of candor, integrity and humility. At an investment level, we believe that investing in quality growth companies is the best way to compound returns over time.

Our Story

Sara and Alpha have achieved prominent positions in their respective professions and accumulated many accolades along the way. We see ourselves as continuous learners and adaptable, which is critical to being successful investors. Our faith leads us to doing well by doing good for our clients, through an equitable fee structure, full transparency and education.

Alpha Ba

Originally from West Africa, Alpha has earned an M.Sc. in Finance and Investment in the UK. As a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) charterholder, he is a seasoned investment professional, with more than 20 years experience investing in global and emerging markets. He has successfully worked through half a dozen major financial crises. Before co-founding Pillow Investment Partner, Alpha co-managed a $2Bil fund for institutional as well as retail clients, delivering solid long term performance.

Alpha is a committed cyclist and has created an interactive community of happy followers as seen on his cycling blog on Strava. Alpha is fluent in several languages, and has visited over 40 countries in order to investigate investment opportunities (and flavourful food)! In fact there is no mountain he would not climb for a delicious meal.

Sara Savalaxs

Originally from Asia, Sara holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering and has earned several nuclear engineering awards at international conferences. With her experience in nuclear safety, Sara enhances our investment discipline and risk management process through the Defense in Depth approach. With her background, Sara brings a unique perspective on the long term opportunities in Asia.

Sara is very passionate about making wealth accessible to all, especially women and children, which is why she created the Financial Peace and Freedom Bootcamp, an online investment education course. When asking Annaé, her 7 year old daughter, what she wants to do for a living, Annaé said: ‘I want to be a mom like you’. Sara then asked: ‘what does a mom do?’ To which, Annaé responded: ‘Mom works hard, cooks a lot and invests all of the time’..